1.Identification the issue

2.Setting up aims on particular issue concerned with IT/ITES Industry.

3.Building a network to achieve the aim

4.Developing the plan of action

5.Communicate to the members (non members also) keep inform them about the action

6.Make them realize how they can help to the action

7.Conducting Training Programmes

8.Conducting Seminars for Education on IT/ITES Workers

9.Conducting Awareness Programmes

Focussed Workers Problems

1.Taking up safety of woman employees, forcing Govt of India & ICT industry to ensure safety mechanism.

2.Taking up organising in HSBC, AXA Barclays, ANZ based on UNI Agreements.

3.Ensuring Fly by Night operators and brought to court of law for shutting units.

4.Implementation of Sexual Harassment Prevention committees as described by Indian Law.

5.Ensuring prevention of lay-off during 2007 recession “Stop the Pink Slip”.

6.Fighting for unjust Bond practices by big Indian IT firms.

7.Launching campaign with help of UNI on Stress and Burn out.

8.Extending Solidarity to unions worldwide through.