Workers problems taken by UNITES

1.Taking up safety of woman aftermath Rape & murder of HP employee forcing Govt of India & ICT industry

2.Ensuring Fly by Night operators like Bel-Air (David Becham’s Brother in law’s firm) brought to court of law for shutting shop

3.Ensuring Glass Ceiling was broken by taking up women employees case on promotion, pay, training

4.Implementation of Sexual Harassment Prevention committees as described by Indian Law.

5.Supporting and organising employees of Satyam Software post the company got into problem

6.Ensuring prevention of lay-off during 2007 recession “Stop the Pink Slip”

7.Fighting for unjust Bond practices by big Indian IT firms

8.Launching campaign with help of UNI on Stress and Burn out “Stop the BOSS”

9.Extending Solidarity to IBM unions worldwide through Allianz at IBM

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